The Great Model Train Expo

The Great Model Train Expo

Model Trains For Africa


In 2014, the N Gauge Guild, a model train club in Gauteng, celebrated their 20th anniversary by setting up the second model train show hosted by the club, the first having been their 10th anniversary celebration.  The planning and hosting of this event was a team effort by the then committee members and was a huge success.

In 2016, some of the original committee members decided that the first event was really good for the hobby and so embarked on an ambitious attempt at setting it all up on an equally grand scale and with most of the clubs, hobby shops and second hand model train dealers in attendance.

Fast forward to 2018

By February 2018, just 3 of the organising committee members were left and they decided that 2018 was to be the biggest and best TGMTE yet and so the planning started.

This time even local manufacturers of model railroading items would be invited, along with the shops and second hand dealers who stocked their wares.  This meant that with the usual raft of model train clubs and food and beverage vendors, additional space would have to be found to accommodate an almost 100 percent increase in demand for tables and a new G scale layout.

With Marinus Kort taking care of the planning and operational aspects, Rinke Blok looking after the marketing and Richard Havenga doing the IT and communications, the organising committee set to work to make 2018 every bit of a success the previous two expos had been. 

The Organisers

Marinus Kort


The "Veteran" among the team, Marinus is the Organiser-in-Chief. Planning the layout of each expo is his task and is done to abslutely exacting standards.

Rinke Blok


The "Youngster" among the team, Rinke is the Public Relations Officer. Talking to everyone regarding their requirements and making sure everyone is happy is his task!

Richard Havenga


The only "Sane" one in the team, Richard is the IT guy. Sending out the emails, updating the website and making sure the systems used are up and running is his job!

2020 Vision

Using lessons learned from the previous 3 events, the 2020 expo promises to be as bold, definitely bigger and way more exciting.  The dust has hardly settled and there is already a new club asking for exhibition space. 

We certainly hope to see all our old friends in 2020 and to make some new ones in the process.